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Comfort Keepers of Rockville Reviews and Testimonials 

What People Are Saying About Comfort Keepers®

At  Comfort Keepers of Rockville we understand the importance of a positive review.  We strive everyday to provide exceptional in-home care services that improves the lives of our clients and their families. 

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"Comfort Keepers is very compassionate and professional. The caregivers are very kind and do their jobs well. The management team is superlative and kind as well. It is a pleasure working with them."

Tamara N.

"The Comfort Keepers of Rockville, Md is simply wonderful the entire staff and management. The one special thing to come to mind is how they follow-up with the doctor's office on scheduled appointments a day or two in advance to confirm appointments. This task helps me & others in managing my father's appointments. Additionally, they are always prompt for pickup and gets to his appointments on time. Thanks so much CK for all you do in supporting the services of our seniors!"

Sherry W. (April 17, 2017)

"Comfort Keepers of Rockville was there for me and my mom when we needed them most. The managers worked with me to give my mother good caregivers while she was on Hospice. The caregivers made sure she was comfortable and saw to all her needs. Each of the caregivers was caring and compasssionate. A manager from Comfort keepers visited with each new caregiver to make sure they knew how to work with my mother. They made me feel good knowing that my mother was in good hands. I highly recommend Comfort Keepers!"

Raffi B. (December 2016)

"When I had a hospital stay, followed by a need for home support for a few weeks, Comfort Keepers (MD office) provided really good people as medical helpers -- friendly, reliable, and even helped get the house better organized. When one or two people were not an ideal fit, CK was responsive and found others quickly. Recently used them again when I needed a driver for a day (due to a no-drive medical appointment), the individual was fun and easy to work with, helped later with shopping, etc. Strongly recommended. Just a few $ more per hour than some other services, but absolutely worth it (tried one other service that was cheaper, and not good!)."

Steven O. (December 2016)

"Comfort Keepers has provided care for my now 90-year-old mother for several years. She lives at home with support from Comfort Keepers usually four times per week for four hours each day. When she needs more support, CK is ready to provide increased coverage based on her health needs. When she needs special transportation to Walter Reed, CK provides the assistance. Everyone with whom I have interacted has been professional, kind, and keenly attuned to my mother's needs. She would not have been able to remain in her home without CK support. I am eternally grateful my mom is able to stay in her"

Sandy R. (December 2016)

"My need of a caregiver for my mom was immenint....again. This was my second time working with CK. My mother was not ready to accept help the first "go around"; with thoughtful understanding they told me to call when I AND my mom were ready to give it another try. And so it was; they wasted no time in giving my mother's needs careful consideration. A delightful, young lady was sent. She had a lovely balance of professionalism and light heartedness. My mother took to her from day one. If you have been overwhelmed with being a caregiver to a loved one, like I was, the help from caring, thoughtful souls at Comfort Keepers was a relief like non other. The arguing and power struggle between me and my mom became almost non exhistent. Well, we are mother and daughter. One day at a time, life is good."

Corinna B. (October 2016)

"From the beginning Comfort Keepers was all hands on deck with interest and concern for my mother's need. I felt listened to when telling them about my her. They asked pertinent questions to the scenario we were all aiming for which included some fun yet sincere role playing by the care giver in an effort not to take away my mother's ability to feel self sufficient. My mother's needs where consuming me. I would feel frustrated, sad, angry and shame. Comfort Keepers stepped in and all that dissipated. I learned to enjoy my mom, one day at a time."

Corinna B. on June 17, 2016

"David R. Gibson September 29, 2014 Owner Comfort Keepers 414 Hungerford Dr. Suite 448 Rockville, MD 20850 Re: Charles Kelber Dear David: While I realize this is a thank you that is long overdue, I am hopeful that this is a case where better late than never applies. I wanted to take this opportunity on behalf of myself, my brother and my family to thank you and the folks at Comfort Keepers for the excellent care you provided my dad, Charles Kelber, over the last seven months of his life. Certainly, the disease that took him was a vicious and progressive disease (PSP) that neither he nor we had expected or planned for. We reached out to Comfort Keepers without any recommendation, just taking your name from an advertisement and a website. Yet, you proved to be everything we could have asked for. My father went from needing daytime care only, to round the clock care, very rapidly. You found care-givers that were comfortable in each of the shifts, and cared for my Dad regularly and with great skill. On the rare “difficult” weekend shifts to fill, you always found someone, and never hesitated to change people out if they were not a good fit for my Dad. We came to depend on Shannon, who handled the daytime shift, for a great deal. As his disease progressed, my father would ask for either myself or Shannon-no one else would do. This speaks volumes as to the trust and faith he put…..and we all did, in Shannon’s care for him. She quickly became another member of our family, and we were grateful for her constant care of my Dad. We never worried that a shift would go unstaffed, or that my father would not get the attention he required. While watching a loved one sicken and die is never a pleasant process, Comfort Keepers allowed us to keep a semblance of our lives intact, and provided the opportunity for my Dad to remain in his home of thirty years, something that was of the utmost importance to him. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Comfort Keepers to anyone in the difficult situation of having to care for an elderly relative or friend, and quite simply needing assistance to deal with that terrible and consuming job. Should the opportunity arise, I would be happy to speak with a potential or current customer of yours to tell them about our own experience with Comfort Keepers. Very truly yours, Steven Kelber"

Steven Kelber - Bethesda

"We have been working with Comfort Keepers to care for my 93 year old uncle. Both Ani and David Gibson are wonderful to work with. They care about their clients and their families. They are always available and communicate regularly about the care of your loved one. In addition, their staff provides excellent care and assistance for my uncle. We have used a few of their aides and were very happy. We recommend Comfort Keepers and the Gibsons without any reservation. Ani, David, and their aides are pleasant, easy to deal with, honest, and hardworking."

Annie S. - Bethesda, MD

"I have been so happy we chose CK to take care of my husband. They have always been so helpful on the phone; and have tried to make my life so much easier. The CNA they sent to help us has always been on time, reliable, and most of all very caring. Both my husband and I are delighted every time she walks in the door."

Dutch S. -Darnestown

"Thank you for your partnership and in making the right choices in providing in-home care for my mother. At ninety four my mother's wishes were fulfilled to remain living in her home with her memories and familiar surroundings, and to live out her final months in her home. The guidance and level of care Comfort Keepers provided exceeded my expectations. All of my mother's needs were met and provided for. Most importantly, she was in her home and never without loving care and companionship. As her son it was equally fulfilling to see that my mother remain in a place I was familiar with; in her home."

Jim K. - Rockville

"I am writing on behalf of Comfort Keepers. They have been essential in the care of my mother from May to November of last year. I truly could not have done it with out them. The owners Ani and David were very compassionate and comforting, as we learned to deal with moms dementia. All of the caregivers were very kind and patient with mom, even when she wasn't being her usual sweet self. The caregivers took mom shopping, to lunch and even to a social event one of her friends had. The were always courteous and willing to help with whatever we needed. Mom was always kept busy shopping playing card's or just looking through family photo albums. Our experience with Comfort Keepers was nothing but positive. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of personnel care for themselves or a loved one."

The Hoffman Family - Silver Spring

"Again, I want to say thank you so much for being there for us when we needed you. Please feel free to use me as a reference. At every step of the way Comfort Keepers provided us what we needed, when we needed it, at a quality that was above our expectations. That doesn't come from people who are just doing their jobs, that comes from people who both really care about others and are exceptionally competent. You are awesome!"

Lynn S. - Potomac

"2 weeks ago I received a phone call from my upset , in tears daughter who was in urgent need: she had a stomach virus with a fever, her husband was coming down with the flu and her 6 month old baby boy was still battling a cold and teething. They had not been able to sleep at all. Life was a challenge, indeed. They called their friends, but because it was a Friday, no one was available to help and family lived far away. They live in Silver Spring, MD and of course I wanted to be there, but alas was recovering from illness myself and I am 300 miles away. I have worked for many years in the helping profession and decided to do some research to find out if there were good resources in their area that could come and stay with them and help them through this nightmare. I went online, and something drew me to the Comfort Keepers website, even though they worked with elders primarily (which was the population I worked with). I felt that they would be understanding and at least give me a recommendation of who to call. I immediately called them ( it was 4:45pm on Friday) and was greeted by a very supportive, caring, knowledgeable, and understanding young man, David , who even though he was due to leave at 5:00pm, got on it right away and found just the right person for us in 1/2 hour!!!! to be with my beloved family on Saturday and Sunday. In addition the on call nurse called me and also was so helpful and set everything up. I received a follow up call as well. When I told my daughter, she just couldn't believe it! and was so grateful. The woman they sent was Yavonne, who was perfect in every way: Pablo, the baby just loved her and let her take care of him, playing, changing diapers, walking, etc so my daughter could and husband could get some much needed sleep. Yavonne also helped prepare meals and did whatever they needed all with an attitude of care, skill and interest. She helped them relax and I am happy to say, my daughter, son-in-law and the baby all felt better under her experienced and thoughtful care. On Monday, the Comfort Keepers people followed through and even called to see how everything went. Thank you so much Comfort Keepers, your administration and staff for helping a mother and grandmother get some sleep herself and stop worrying and fretting. I highly recommend using this very professional and trustworthy company for any of your caretaking needs."

Wendy R. - Silver Spring

"Our family has been using Comfort Keepers for about a year and a half now. Ani and her team worked closely with us to assess our needs and find someone that would be a good fit. A wonderful woman now helps us, she is friendly and professional and I don't know how we'd ever make it through the week without her! The office staff at Comfort Keepers of Montgomery County are organized, flexible to our needs and schedules, and easy to work with. We recommend them without hesitation!"

Matt B. - Rockville

"Comfort Keepers has provided me with caretakers for my late wife and myself for the last four years. The care for my wife by the caretaker was personal and concluded with her assisting in hospice care for her during the last days of her life. The caretaker, Miss Dawnia Richards, was competent, always compassionate and caring with my wife. Her presence and care made a great difference in making my wife as comfortable as possible and for her family able to cope with her ordeal. Comfort Keepers has continued to provide me with her services as a caretaker. She takes care of the needs of the house such as shopping, (I do not drive at 91), some food preparation, laundry and some light household chores. She also drives me for appointments. She provides me with personal medical assistance as I need it. Miss Richards is always on time, pleasant, above all competent and an ideal person both as a caretaker and especially as a companion to an aged person. Comfort Keepers has been very cooperative and flexible in providing the care and needs I require at a reasonable price. Their staff is competent and efficient in responding to my requirements without hesitation. Armen B. Loosararian 9 September 2014"

Armen Loosararian - Silver Spring

"To Whom it May Concern: My father, Theodore Williams was a resident at Leisure World until his death in February, 2012 at age 90. For most of his time there, he was a very active and vital resident. For several years, he rented a garden plot and provided fresh vegetables to many of his neighbors during the summer months. In the last year of his life, it became clear that he was in need of some assistance with ADLs and IADLs. Fortunately, I know the owner of the Comfort Keepers franchise in Greensboro, NC where I reside. I contacted him, and he contacted David and Ani Gibson, owners of the Montgomery County, MD franchise. He spoke with them and assured me that they would be able to provide my father with the services he needed. David and Ani were great! I was able to meet with Ani with my father. She analyzed his needs and made recommendations for his care. I am a university faculty member and have spent many years studying older adults. Based on my own knowledge and experience, it was clear that they knew their business well. We arranged to have a carer work with my father a couple of times a week with light household chores and meal preparation. I had concerns about his driving, so we also arranged for the carer to drive him to his doctors’ appointments. That was important because, as a veteran, it was necessary for him to travel to Bethesda/Walter Reed for this care. In addition to physical challenges, my father was having cognitive/memory issues. There were times that he did not remember that a carer was scheduled. At times, he did not remember which carer was to be there, etc. Despite these challenges, each individual worked patiently with my father, who was not always pleasant with them! And, I was in constant contact with Ani who was carefully monitoring my father’s behavior and care. I want to mention in particular, the final times that the Comfort Keepers folks worked with my father. He had a doctor’s appointment and we had arranged for a carer to arrive early to drive him to Bethesda. The carer arrived, only to find that my father was not there. She remained at his building until he returned (this was February and it was cold!). Sometime later, my cold and disoriented father returned. He had been unable to turn the heat on in his car, he had forgotten that the carer was coming to take him to the appointment, he had forgotten his wallet and ID and was not allowed on the base. But, the carer had waited for him. She got him into his house, got him re-warmed and contacted her supervisors, who, of course contacted us. She then stayed with him throughout the entire day, to make sure he was safe and cared for. The following day, a carer took him to the hospital, where he was admitted (unrelated to his adventure in the cold). He remained in the hospital until he transitioned to hospice and passed away at the end of the month. I share this story with you because I think it illustrates the level and quality of care provided. David and Ani are very ‘hands on’ with the supervision of their staff and work closely with families. I was fortunate in that I had someone to ask who was able to recommend them to me. There are probably many families who do not have that luxury. Sincerely, Kathleen Williams, Ph.D."

Kathleen Williams, Ph.D. - Leisure World in Silver Spring

"In 2013, it was decided I needed help because of my medical condition. I contacted Ani and David Gibson, owners of Comfort Keepers of Montgomery County. They came over and explained all the services that were available. We set up a temporary plan to begin immediately. Since that time, I could not be more pleased. The aides do everything I need done. They take care of my personal needs, such as bathing, hair washing, exercising, and meal planning and serving. Each time they come, they make the beds, clean the bathroom and kitchen, and any other housecleaning chores needed. I don't have to say anything. They come in and get to work immediately. If there is anything else I need done, I just have to ask. Ani and David are very hands-on and keep in touch to make sure everything is going well. I would hoighly recommend their Comfort Keepers to anyone looking for such services."

Jay Bedell - Wheaton

"Do you need piece of mind knowing your loved one is being engaged and cared for, then I recommend Comfort Keepers of Rockville, MD. for those of you wanting your loved one to receive quality care, They will come to the home, access what needs need to be met and work with you as a team to put a care plan in place. They are available part-time or full-time live-in care. I found them easy to work with and they provided me with so much needed peace-of-mind, and for that we are all grateful to know that they are there. David and Ani of Comfort Keepers of Rockville, Md. are a good choice for quality care. Ann Brock"

Ann Brock- Silver Spring

"Our family has been using Comfort Keepers for a couple of years now. We engaged them to help my husband’s mother stay independent and active. Ani Gibson, owner, has been a wonderful part of our care team. She has been very active in making sure NW is safe, active and feels loved. The Comfort Keepers caregiver team takes NW out several times a week to attend activities at the local senior centers. They also help her with shopping. The caregivers also accompany her on special trips with the retirement community that she lives in. We appreciate the flexibility of the hours so that NW can continue to do the things she has always enjoyed doing. NW’s family appreciates the open lines of communication with the care team. If there are issues or concerns they are quickly addressed and handled by Ani and the care team working with NW. We appreciate the ability to play an active role in NW’s activity and care planning. If you are looking for a supportive group of people to assist a loved one in being independent and active, Comfort Keepers is the group that can be of service to you and your family."

Bill and Cheryl White - Riderwood in Silver Spring

"David and Mindy have been a great help to my family for the past 1-1/2 years. My grandmother needs in-home care, and after a couple different caregivers, we were able to find one that both my grandmother and grandfather love. Jamie is a great caregiver, and is always punctual and willing to go the extra mile. Everyone working for this company is very helpful. I'm so glad we are able to use this company to get the extra help we need."

Alyssa Schindel - Glenmont

"To: Mr David Gibson, Director Comfort Keepers, Rockville, MD 20850 Subject: Letter of Appreciation 1. Both my wife Beryl Mina and I have been under Comfort Keepers live-in care for over a year. My wife Beryl after leaving Montgomery General Hospital needed full time care/assistance. I searched many possibilities and concluded that Comfort Keepers offered the best and I was right. After my wife's death in June 2014 on doctor's advice because I am diabetic and have heart problems I continued with Comfort Keepers. 2. Our experience with Comfort Keepers staff personnel has been exceptional. They are well trained and are prepared to take immediate action. For example when I fell out of bed about 1 AM the keeper was there immediately, examined the cut, got me to the hospital where 12 stitches were taken, stayed with me, nursed me back, etc. If the keeper had not been so well trained??? 3. In all cases my wife and I were well taken care of, much much better than in the hospital. They anticipate problems and can take the necessary actions to make sure the problems stay small and know what to do in an emergency. They treat you as part of the family. 4. Obviously it takes great screening and lots of hard work to develop such a fine organization. Thank you. Keep up the fine work. Us old folks need someone to depend on."

Charles M. Schoman - Leisure World in Silver Spring

"Comfort Keepers has provided both my Mom and my Dad with a caretaker for the past 4.5 years. The care for my parents has been outstanding. The caretaker, Miss Dawnia Richards, provided personal, competent, and compassionate care for my parents during this difficult time. We are so very thankful for her. After my Mom's passing, she was a constant presence for my Dad taking care of his needs and those of the house. She did shopping, some food preparation, laundry, and light household chores. She provided personal medical assistance too. She was timely, pleasant, and attentive companion to my 91 year old father. Comfort Keepers has been responsive, flexible, and cooperative in providing whatever my father needed. On behalf of my family, we want to thank Comfort Keepers, and especially Dawnia, for their compassionate care for our parents."

Alan L. and Family - Silver Spring

"Ani and David have been very hands on owners of Comfort Keepers in their care and handling of my 80+ yr old Mother. Whether its been helping her run errands (grocery, hair/nails etc), or providing her roundtrip support to her Doctor's appts (all the way to the clinic and back). The staff has been awesome over the past 3+ years, and many the same over that same time period. My mother uses their services on a weekly basis."

Richard Hepburn - Gaithersburg

"I needed help with having my car inspected as I have mobility issues. When I called, the staff answered all of my questions, told me that they did indeed perform this service, and asked if there was any other matters with which they could assist me. Great experience. John came to take the car to the emissions testing and found that the battery was dead. He waited for AAA with me and worked with the AAA operator to replace the battery. After the battery was replaced, he took the car for inspection. John was so helpful and kind. He made a stressful situation less so by his assistance. I plan to call Comfort keepers for anything else I may require in the way of assistance/care in the future. Great experience. This was the first time that I have had to ask for help for a daily life task. The folks at Comfort keepers were all so reassuring and kind ."

Kathleen Gall - Kensington

"Comfort Keepers, YOU ARE THE BEST! I am so glad we found “Comfort Keepers,” and signed up with them! We did not start out with seven days a week but soon added the other days due to the decline of abilities of the patient, my aunt, who is 100 years old. My “Comfort Keepers” helpers are efficient, pleasant, thoughtful and I depend I, MYSELF, depend on them for my survival!"

Eloise K Drake - Silver Spring

"I can't begin to thank Comfort Keepers of Rockville, MD enough for their service to my 90 year old mother. We are just starting with home health care and it was all new to me as the daughter and the one making sometimes difficult decisions for my elderly mother. Comfort Keepers has made it easy for me. The home care worker chosen for my mom was a perfect fit in my opinion, which was a great concern for our family. If anyone out there is on the fence trying to decide appropriate care for your aging loved one, I can assure you we have been more than satisfied with Comfort Keepers! Thanks so much for great service!"

Martha - Rockville

"Your staff was really helpful and kind to me while I needed this help. Afterwards kindness showed through once more when Amy called me just to find out how I was getting on! Thank you all sooo-much!"

Ruth N. - Potomac

"Comfort Keepers- My special thanks for sending me Amy. She is and has been a great and happy help to me. Gratefully- Pat M."

Patricia M. - Rockville

"Not living near my grandparents made arranging care with the first company we chose a complete nightmare. David and his team at Comfort Keepers made the process easy and earned our complete confidence from across the country! Highly recommend"

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