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Tender care for your loved one can be another full time job. Let Comfort Keepers help.

Your elderly family member may require significant care on a regular basis that may demand an increasing time commitment. Family caregivers can be overwhelmed easily and tire from attempting to complete their many obligations. Most have family and jobs while trying to care for their loved ones in their homes. This added responsibility leaves many well-meaning care takers tired and stressed. What can you do when you need a break? Comfort Keepers has just the answer.

With Comfort Keepers’ respite care services, we are able to see to the needs of your senior. Whether there is light housekeeping and cooking needed or the more serious requirements of nursing care, we have professionally trained staff to assist you. This gives the primary caregiver time to deal with other duties and perhaps even some rest. With replenished energy, family caregivers will enjoy outside interests as well as their caregiving duties. It’s hard to do it all, and Comfort Keepers understands the desire to see your loved one is well cared for. Our reliable caregivers offer transportation, shopping help, and companionship. We can provide mental stimulation and focus for your senior loved one.

Comfort Keepers provides solace to the client and family, offering relief for the regular caregivers. We are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week and can create a schedule that works best for your whole family. We can cover the duties your loved one requires whether for short term or an extended amount of time. Comfort Keepers can even offer care for loved ones far away on a routine basis, easing your distress.

When you need respite care for your family member, call Comfort Keepers of Glen Echo, Maryland to get the best attention for your loved one.

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