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When you or your loved one is transitioning home from a hospital stay, who will help you in your own home?

Returning home from a rehabilitation facility or hospital can be frightening for many patients.  Those that live alone or have minimal assistance there from others have well founded fears that they may experience a set-back.  Hospital stays are shorter than ever, but the person who has just had surgery or is recovering from a lingering illness still needs post-care.  Some have very specific medical needs that may require additional professional nursing. 

Comfort Keepers has the staff that is trained to do just that.  When you have just had a major heart ailment such as a heart attack or congestive heart failure, our trained caregivers are up to the task.  The same goes for recovering from pneumonia.  Your loved one will get the special care essential to their smooth and speedy convalescence.  Healing in their safe home environment with quality caregivers, will result in a lesser chance of needing to be readmitted to the hospital.  Absence of such care can be seen in the outcome of a longer recovery period. 

The professional staff at Comfort Keepers can communicate between family, client and medical care providers to ease the trepidation of additional care.  By developing a schedule with all parties involved, we can give the family and patient reassurance of round the clock care, seven days a week if needed.  Even if your loved one is doing well and needs only limited assistance with regular household duties or transportation, our caregivers can be there when the family cannot be there due to time constraints.  

Let Comfort Keepers of Glen Echo, Maryland be there to help assist you in your recovery.  You can feel better about it already.  

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