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Transitional Care Darnestown, MD

Comfort Keepers provides quality transitional care after an extended illness or serious injury. Your swift and comfortable recovery is important to us.

Coming home from the hospital or rehabilitation facility can cause anxiety if your loved one lives alone or has minimal assistance. Trying to help family members upon their return home is a role that many are ill-equipped to handle. The medical and physical needs of one recovering from serious medical issues can be time consuming and overwhelming. All patients require special care and support following a lengthy illness or surgery. It is essential for your family member’s recovery that they receive top quality in-home care. Without the help of an expert caregiver, recuperation time may increase and include the possibility of requiring additional hospital time.

Comfort Keepers can help. We offer the transitional care that benefits recuperating adults throughout the Darnestown area. Our professional and competent caregivers will ease the move back into your home and encourage appropriate levels of activity. Full time or in cooperation with family caregivers, Comfort Keepers will see that all your needs are met. We can help to assess the care you will require during your recovery and aid in the household duties. Let us lend a helping hand with meal preparation, errand running, and housekeeping. Transportation ensures that you get to follow up visits with medical professionals safely. This can ease the apprehensions of the family as well as the client.

Comfort Keepers is devoted to Darnestown families, and we want you to be satisfied and comfortable during your recuperation. Our expert caregivers have the ability to assist with special necessities following bouts of pneumonia or heart ailments, such as a heart attack or congestive heart failure. Whether we are preparing meals, doing rehabilitative exercises, or helping to monitor medications, our caregivers are professionally trained to see to all your needs. Compassionate in-home care is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Your schedule of in-home care will be designed to fit your needs and enhance your recovery.

Call us at Comfort Keepers in Darnestown, and let us help you achieve complete healing.

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