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Transitional Care Gaithersburg, MD

Let Comfort Keepers of Gaithersburg, MD help your loved one transition back home from the hospital or rehabilitation facility. Their rapid and comfortable recovery is important to us.

When your family member is returning home from the hospital or a rehabilitation facility, they can be apprehensive about caring for themselves if they live alone or have minimal assistance. Comfort Keepers provides transitional care to ensure comprehensive recovery upon release.

After returning home from surgery or a hospital stay, caregivers are needed to help with recuperation in a safe and comfortable environment. Without quality after-care, being readmitted to the hospital may become necessary or convalescence lengthen due to slower progress. Comfort Keepers in Gaithersburg, MD will help you or your loved one with complete recovery.

Family caregivers may be unable to aid with the emotional and physical needs of a family member. They may also lack the time it takes to provide needed care, due to their jobs and other responsibilities. Comfort Keepers is able to help in many ways. Our expert caregivers will assist with the household duties such as running errands, housekeeping, and preparing meals. We can furnish transportation for visits with medical providers, and assist with communication and mobility during the trip. Caregivers are happy to confer with the senior’s family, arranging schedules of care and discussing recuperation progress. Your loved one will be in good hands, giving the rest of the family a feeling of contentment.

The staff at Comfort Keepers in Gaithersburg, MD is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your family’s in-home care needs.

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