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Who can you call for help after your loved one has been diagnosed with a terminal illness?

Comfort Keepers of Kensington, Maryland can be the help you require during this most distressing time. Our compassionate staff is well trained to assist with many different aspects at the end of life stage. We can help with regular companionship, daily needs such as personal needs, meal preparation and overseeing medication for the patient. We can aid the family with emotional and moral support as well as taking on mundane tasks from the family.

Our professionally trained caregivers will communicate with hospice services and medical providers. We can offer respite routine and medical care for family caregivers as well. By creating a schedule with the family, we are able to be of assistance up to 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We would like to see the terminal patient and all the family is well cared for in these trying days. Let Comfort Keepers take care of some of the usual activities for all of you, so that you can spend quality time together. We can coordinate the needs of the family starting from the time of initial diagnosis of the loved one.

Comfort Keepers will gladly help afterwards as well, organizing and moving belongings of the deceased. We can assist with funeral arrangements and subsequent events.  Communication with other mourners may be difficult and we will offer sympathetic aid. We can speak with grieving family members and help find a grief counselor for those who wish to have one. Our kind staff welcomes the opportunity to be there for your family in every facet.

The aim of Comfort Keepers of Kensington, Maryland is to help you in this challenging time. Call us and let us start today. 

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