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Destination Independence

Comfort Keepers® of Rockville, MD partners with on-demand ride service


Transportation Option Provides Convenience, Freedom

Comfort Keepers® in-home care is dedicated to helping you live a happy, independent life in your own home. As part of the full range of home care services we provide, transportation is a key part of maintaining your independence.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Lyft, a leading ride sharing service that provides quick, safe and easy-to-schedule rides to virtually anywhere you want to go. Rides can be requested any time, day or night, by calling your Comfort Keepers office. Adding this option to our highly customized care offering allows you to maintain the highest level of independence and mobility possible.

Arranging a Ride is Simple

(301) 340-0100


Call your Comfort Keepers office at (301) 340-0100


Tell your Comfort Keepers office where you want to go and they’ll make arrangements with the Lyft Concierge.


The Lyft driver will pick you up and take you to your destination.


Rides are automatically charged to your invoice. Tips are not required.

Simple. Safe. Reliable.

We understand the need for affordable, door-to-door transportation is important to maintain an active lifestyle. That’s why we’ve partnered with Lyft to solve transportation challenges and eliminate the mobility barrier. It’s easy to get started. Just call your Comfort Keepers office and we’ll make the arrangements. There’s no smartphone or app required.

Your independence is important so leave the driving to us. Lyft will get you to and from your requested destination safely. Every Lyft driver is required to pass a rigorous background check, vehicle inspection, and possess a good driving record.

Together, we’ll build the best ride experience possible. For more information, call your Comfort Keepers® office at (301) 340-0100.

About Lyft

Lyft, an on-demand ride service pioneer, is leading its industry in the development of safe and reliable transportation solutions for seniors. Learn more about Lyft’s partnership with Aging2.0, an aging innovation network, to raise awareness of and find solutions for seniors’ transportation challenges.


Who do I call when I need a ride?

It’s easy. Just call your Comfort Keepers office when you need to be picked up. Tell us the address of where you’re located and where you would like to go, and we’ll arrange everything for you. You can also schedule a ride up to one week in advance.

Do I need to download an app to use the ride service?

No, there’s no need to download anything. Just call your local Comfort Keepers office and we’ll make the arrangements for you.

How do I get back home once I’m dropped off at my destination?

When you’re ready to return home or travel to another destination, call your Comfort Keepers office, provide the address of your location and tell us where you need to go.

Do I tip the Lyft driver?

If you’d like to tip the driver for their service, you certainly can. However, it’s not required.

How will I be charged for the ride service?

Your ride will be included on your invoice. There’s no need to exchange cash or credit card information with the Lyft driver.

Can my Comfort Keeper® ride with me?

Yes, your caregiver can ride along with you if you prefer.

How long will it take my ride to arrive?

Each arrival time varies, however, you should typically expect between 10 and 20 minutes.

What if my ride never shows up or the driver can’t find me?

Don’t be alarmed. Call your Comfort Keepers office to let us know and we’ll arrange for another driver to pick you up.

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